Central Management Software

Central Management Software For Vehicle Surveillance

Central Management Software For Vehicle Surveillance
Product Details

Vehicle Management Software for MDVR

Model: HW-VMS

  Howen VMS platform, based on wireless network, with high-quality, high-Efficiency, to transmit video, audio, data and other network-based multimedia information, is designed for centralized management, monitoring and dispatching for all types of vehicles. 

  The VMS can view the real time image/GPS location, or playback the recording or GPS tracking remotely, and getting the alarm message from MDVR device when alarm trigger such as over speed, panic button trigger, out of GEO fencing, break, door open, sleepy driving etc.  

Main Functions

 ● 3G/LTE/Wifi network live view

 ● Shows the vehicle, GPS, alarm, log information clearly

 ● PTZ control and MDVR remote configuration

 ● Remote record

 ● Supports download and playback video file

 ● Vehicle management

 ● Database supported and GPS route playback

 ● Supports to export the report

 ● Different user level management

 ● Driver behavior analysis

 ● Alarm management and evidence reporting


Open and flexible platform

Howen VMS is with modularized software structure, open for more enhanced features/applications. The software can be compatible with third-party system. 

Howen provides open-source SDK or middle ware for integration and development.


Intelligent & service-oriented application

 Howen VMS is an intelligent and comprehensive platform based on video monitoring, GPS, alarm, and other info. Remote Live Viewing & Real time Tracking. On-board Mobile DVR can upload data to data center. We provide client software and web client page for remote viewing, real time location tracking, displaying vehicle status and device information etc.


Besides of traditional video and GPS info display,Howen VMS provides intelligent service-oriented application for emergency management and driver behavior analysis for operation and management. 


Howen VSS CMS Working in Project

Evidence Center

 Howen VMS is with advanced “Evidence Center” function module. In this module, the software can intelligently sort out the videos uploaded, and users can slice the video to snapshots, and mark it down together with the GPS info (GPS location map snapshot), driver ID, time, evidence name and description.

 And the software can intelligently generate an alarm/emergency report automatically, for easy retrieval for the operator and fleet company. 

Driver Behavior Analysis

Howen VMS supports inputting the vehicle’s Meta data, and analyzing the driver’s behavior using these data and video, GPS info, speed, engine speed, etc. This analysis can provide evidence for operators to evaluate employee’s performance and improve company’s fleet management.

Auto Uploading & Advanced Wi-Fi solution

On-board DVR can upload the video record triggered by specified event, alarm or requested by client to data center automatically via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. And system can automatically continue transmitting after re-connected, in case of connection failure


Various terminals for operation

  -Client software operation

  -Mobile client APP (Android/IOS)

  -Server software configuration 

Auto Event Push

 When MDVR receives alarms, it will push this information to data center immediately. 

Besides, the VMS can automatically upload the alarm video to back office server, and generate evidence and alarm report immediately, saving important data when accidents happen.



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