WiFi Management Platform

Vehicle WiFi Management Platform for Bus WIFI router

Vehicle WiFi Management Platform for Bus WIFI router
Product Details

Wi-Fi Management Software 

Model: HW-WMS

  Howen Wi-Fi Management Software cloud platform, based on wireless network, is designed for Howen Wi-Fi routers, for remote management


Key Features

Remote manage router’s local storage

  Howen wifi router upport SSD for large capacity of local storage; provide high-speed access for local video, music, games, tourism guidance, news, etc.

Efficient Advertisement

  Local web service provides advertisements. Operators can cooperate with local shoppers, companies, to provide ads to efficient target, improving company images.

Content update

  Support SSD or SD for large storage, and 3G/4G and Wi-Fi for wireless content updating. When use Wi-Fi, will greatly save 3G/4G traffic.

Web Service

  Editable Web service to provide rich customization for operators

GPS location

  Provide location service using GPS, GIS, and 3G/4G, to achieve LBS (Location-based service)

Traffic control and Web Access control

To save 3G/4G cost, Howen advanced vehicle router can freely manage the traffic limitation, i.e. block some website that consume too much traffic. And the web access time for users is configurable.

Remote Device Management

  Howen provide backend platform to remotely manage all the routers. Tens of thousands of devices can be easily configured and upgraded in one system

Passenger behavior analysis

  With technology of Big-data, Howen router system can analyze the traffic usage, online-offline time, web access, advertisement effect, and offer scientific analysis result to innovate more value-added service and build Win-Win business

  Dedicated to manufacturing high quality and newest vehicle wifi management platform, Howen Technologies is famous as one of the best vehicle wifi management platform manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products has FCC, CE and EMARK certification and it is sold at competitive price. Don't hesitate to buy one with our professional factory.