Central Management Software

VSS Central Management Software (CMS)

VSS Central Management Software (CMS)
Product Details

VSS Central Management System

Model Code: VSS-ME

HOWEN Vehicle Service System (VSS) is a system which designed for commercial vehicles including surveillance, alarm system, GPS tracking and other vehicle business services. VSS Central Management System (CMS) is the latest software for fleet management, which includes client in PC (windows), web page version and APP version.

Vehicle Central Management Software


  • Suitable Most of All Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management Usages;

  • Support Up to 100 Channel Real-time Monitoring;

  • Support Two-Way Audio (Vehicle Side to Control Centre);

  • Remote Configuration;

  • User-friendly;

  • Professional and Powerfully Reports Integrated;

  • Clear but Detailed Structure;


Platform Requrement



0 - 500 Devices

1000 - 2000 Devices

5000 - 10000 devices








Win 7 64 bit

Win 7 SP1 64bit
  Win 8 64bit
  Win 8.1 64bit
  Win 10 64bit

Win 7 SP1 64bit
  Win 8 64bit
  Win 8.1 64bit
  Win 10 64bit


1.5 GHz CPU

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU 3.40GHz

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU 3.40GHz



4GB or more

8GB or more

Graphics Card

Support directX9; Memory 32M+

Support directX9; memory 32M+

Discrete graphics card; memory 2G+



Win Server 2008 SP2 64bit

Win Server 2008 SP2 64bit
  Win Server 2008 R2 SP1 64bit
  Win Server 2012 64bit
  Win Server 2012 R2 64bit

Win Server 2008 SP2 64bit
  Win Server 2008 R2 SP1 64bit
  Win Server 2012 64bit
  Win Server 2012 R2 64bit


1.5 GHz CPU

Intel quad-core Xeon5412(2.33GHz) or   higher

Intel(R)XeonR CPU E5-2640v3 (2.6GHz) or higer



4GB or more

16GB or more





Function List

Real-time Monitoring

HOWEN VSS CMS provides professional live surveillance service for managers or operators. Users can choose main streaming or sub streaming for vehicle monitoring depends on the resolutions and Internet speed. Usually sub streaming real-time monitoring is suggested when the devices are connected with 3G/4G network.

AHD FHD Real-time Monitoring

In “Live” module of HOWEN VSS CMS, users can access up to 10,000 vehicles in the server (depends on the servers and Internet specifications). 100 channels of real-time videos can be viewed at the same time in one windows.

“Quick Snapshot” is one of convenient function that HOWEN specifically designed for users as managers usually need to do snapshotting the pictures directly without going to “playback”. Further, once users clicked the “snapshot”, the picture of selected channel will be popped up automatically and stored in the file set up in the configuration of VSS CMS. The path will be shown up and the name will be record by the date.

Besides the live monitoring, there are many extended functions are developed for both drivers and operators in the control rooms. For example, remote PTZ camera controlling, which is one of important function for police car, firefighting truck solutions. In the HOWEN VSS, two way audio function is one of the key features since control centers usually need to confirm with drivers’ situations. When the Howen mobile DVR connects with Howen two-way audio device, control room can start a talk or broadcasting to vehicles. On the other hand, drivers can request a talk to control room. It is really useful function in daily operation.

Vehicle Surveillance

Also, when right click on the selected vehicle, function will be shown:

  • Start Talk (Start talking to selected vehicle);

  • Start Listen (Start to listen voices from vehicles voice information);

  • Broadcast (Start to send voice messages to selected fleet);

  • Track Playback (Go to check route playback);

  • Restart Device;

  • Device Parameter;

  • Device Update (Remote update the firmware of device);

  • Vehicle Profile (Show the vehicle information;

  • Clear Alarm (Clear all the alarm notifications);

  • Reset (Reset the devices settings remotely);

Quick Vehicle Info Access

GPS tracking software

Further, users can choose map mode for GPS tracking instead videos, which can save a lot data transmission. In the map mode, number of user-friendly buttons developed by Howen Technologies, such as choose showing vehicles in satellite map or normal map, showing the vehicle clusters etc.

Surveillance Software

When click on selected vehicle on the map, all the information of vehicle will be shown including Device Number, Network Information, Status, Alarm Events, Channel Recordings, Time/Date/Location, Mileage, Driving Info. and Disk Status. Users can do all the controls by simple “clicks” and get access to fulfill the functions.

Playback Function

Playback Module is one of the significant part in VSS CMS since it can deliver high definition videos records for evidence. It can support up to 1080p recordings which managers can check every detail in the playback. Moreover, VSS CMS can support multi-channel playback function, which managers can view different channels of recordings at the same time, which save a lot of time.

vehicle CCTV Playback


In VSS CMS, users can search the playback with different searching method, like searching from server or devices remotely. Besides, administrators can choose track, snapshots, logs or videos to search depends on the needs for the operation. Also, in the different color of bars at the bottoms means different type video (blue: recorded red: alarm video).

Same as “Live” module, vehicles information can be shown in the map and the functions are all available in playback module.

Additionally, VSS CMS can support 27 different events for searching playback (shown on the left). It can handle large size of fleets without any difficulty. In this function, users can search the videos what they need and play frame by frame or continually with clicking the player icons.

 For playing the recordings, user can access to local player by the login window of VSS CMS (shown below):

surveillance playback player

Fleet Management

In this module, there are 18 different types of reports can be used in HOWEN VSS CMS. All of the are extraordinarily useful since it was designed with more than 8 years’ vehicle project experience. These reports are suitable for all the Howen Vehicle Service System and all of them can be exported to files for future usages.

Vehicle Surveillance Report

In the reports from VSS CMS, it can be divided into three main parts: Driving behavior analysis reports; Alarm Reports; Accessories Reports. It can be fitted to Howen Logistics/ Oil&Gas Truck VSS, Taxi VSS, School bus VSS and others because it concludes all the information operation needs.

Further, as there are a number of AI Built-in devices integrated into HOWEN VSS, some intelligent reports have been developed in VSS CMS, such people counting report, fatigue driving report, temperature report etc.

Fuel sensor Oil Truck Report

Fuel Usage Report

Vehicle Report

On the other hand, vehicle information can be saved in the CMS which it can help managers check the vehicle status and remind them to registered or renew the insurance etc.

Alarm report rules configuration

In VSS CMS, more than 10 types of event rules can be set up shown as above. Once the alarm was trigged, report will be sent automatically (videos, snapshot, logs, GPS locations).




Fatigue Driving

Triggering the alarm for long time   driving

Usually for logistics

Prohibited Enter

Alarm will be triggered when enter   certain areas

Avoid vehicles go to sensitive areas

Prohibited Leave

Triggered when vehicle get out from an   area

Use for fleets in certain area

Area Speed Limit

Alarm for overspeed in some areas

Line Offset

Triggered when vehicle get over the line

Break Speed Limit

Speed limitation for vehicles

Key Points

Triggered when vehicles do not leave in   the area based on the “points”

Usually applied for buses solutions for   “bust stop”

Parking Timeout

Triggered when vehicles park for longtime

Night Driving

Triggered when vehicles driving at night

Timing Pictures

Schedule the time to do snapshot

Timer Recording

Schedule recording period of day

Save storage and data

Wi-Fi Download

Schedule downloading time of day

Improve operation efficiency

Alarm Linkage

Set up next step when alarm triggering

Can choose single channel or   multi-channel alarms linkage*

*There are 87 types of alarms can be set for linkage, the alarm reports can be set up to send emails or SMS (need extra SMS device, further information please check with Howen Technologies).

vehicle alarm setting

Server Settings

For server settings, users can input the addresser and ports for different servers for Login, Gateway Server, User Server, Media Server, Storage Server, Download Site, Download Server, and One key to configure the server IP.

server configuration

In this module, number of innovations have been achieved in server sector. First, managers can set up all configurations by “one key to configure the server IP” to all different servers; Second, visible layout give clear struct to end-users from different backgrounds; Last, server supports linkage with other servers or third-party servers/database.


In VSS CMS, there are two types of download method, manual download and schedule download.

Download function is one of most useful features since it supports auto-download. It can help managers save a lot of time on manually operating.

Furthermore, alarms and snapshot can upload to the servers based on the “rule”. Then users can download to the alarm and other information easily.

 Alarm Push Notification

At the corner of VSS CMS, there is “Alarm Push”. It is able to help operators check live alarm information directly for quick actions especially for emergency. After getting alarm module by clicking the alarm icon, there will be a list of vehicles which has been triggered alarms.

Further, alarm can be divided by different types, such as vehicles, alarm information or other accessory sensors.

Alarm Push Notification


Beside the “Alarm Push” icon, there is a config button on the right. It will come up a window after clicking this button shown as the picture below. In this section, users can change system language, theme, default stream, max window, map, speed unit, path of storage. 

central management software configuration

Besides the normal settings, users can also set up GPS update period, remember last location of usage, auto zooming, auto loading, auto locating etc. extended functions. What is more, VSS CMS can do remote fleet configuration function (next version coming soon). It will help fleet management become more efficient.

Web Version

For VSS CMS, web page version is also available for users. The access method is:

Open the website browser:

  • Type the address of the server IP and the port number administrator set, example:

  • (port 8080)

It will connect to the login page, then enter the account and password in the page. After typing the account and password, it will login to the website version CMS and users can do different work on fleet management.

website web CMS vehicle surveillance platform

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