Howen Protect UAE Students' Safety in School Bus With AVL System

Howen Protect UAE Students' Safety in School Bus With AVL System


       UAE is one of the fastest growing country in Gulf Area, with advanced education system. The total number of students in schools and universities is projected to grow by 4.1 per cent annually until 2020,to reach 1.4m, making the UAE’s education sector one of the fastest growing in the region; School transport is one of the key public transport sectors in the country lifting millions of students every day, which has taken more than 60% of students between home & school;


        With the increasing school bus & accidents happening always, the students’ safety has become one big concern for government & parents, Since 2012 , the UAE has began to Regulate the condition of school bus to keep the safety. For now, AVL System with GPS tracking , Alarm System & MDVR System has become widely used , which will be greatly reduce the Accident rate;


Howen 'Smart'  AVL System with MDVR

        With careful analysis of market’s requirement, Howen proposed its vehicle surveillance solution , based C/S structure;

        Including HDD MDVR, AHD 1 megapixel Camera, characterized by reliability, efficiency, and simplicity,The infrastructure consists of the following:

l   High Resolution HDD Mobile DVR

l   Specially designed Vehicle Camera

l   Alarm Sensor /RFID as option

l   Cabling components

        All components can be centrally controlled via 3G/WIFI, it will realized the application with real time tracking, video monitoring, alarm alert ect;


        Howen vehicle AVL system has greatly increase the efficiency for the school bus management and help to keep the safety of students. Also with powerful RFID system , alert email sending, which will inform parents to know the real condition of their kids.