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Fireproof Box for MDVR

Fireproof Box for MDVR
Product Details

Fireproof Box for MDVR

Model: Hero-MD-FB

  Mirror recording means that the SD card and hard disk recording at the same time with the same configuration (frame rate, image quality, and resolution). The Howen MDVR system can provide 2 different mirror recording function. One is internal mirror recording (the SD card slot is inside of the MDVR device), one is external mirror recording by fireproof box. This fireproof box is specially designed for anti-fire and anti-explosure to protect the video files in the last minutes for the accidents (for example: if the bus is on fire).

Main Features

      ● USB interface realizes external mirror recording easily 

      ● Rugged shell, effective protect the data security 

      ● Professional developed, industrial-level SD Card inside

      ● Super resistance to high temperature: able to protect the SD Card for 20 minutes in 500°C 

       Waterproof, dustproof and explosive Proof 

      ● Small size and easy installation



SD card Capacity

Standard Howen company SD card 32GB or 64GB

SD Card speed


Stand Fire Performance

Able to protect the SD card for 20 minutes in 500 ℃

Record Mode

Mirror Recording external


USB 2.0

Material Internal

Nanometer Material

Material External


Protection Levels


Wire Length






Dimension(unit: mm)

Model for selection

Hero-MD-FB: MD series fireproof box, with 32 GB SD card inside

  Dedicated to manufacturing high quality and newest fireproof box, Howen Technologies is famous as one of the best fireproof box manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products has FCC, CE and EMARK certification and it is sold at competitive price. Don't hesitate to buy one with our professional factory.