America Dream Of Video Telematics-MWCA 2018

MWCA 2018

MWC America, Mobile World Congress Americas, is one of the biggest events for mobilities in USA. This year, 5G and AI technologies are of the hottest buzzwords in the show. Number of the largest telecom companies in the show, such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile etc.



When comes to telematics market in USA, video function plays a key role in the solutions since more and more industries. As HOWEN Technologies is one of the pioneers of the video telematics hardware solution provider. HOWEN Mobile DVR system can provide profession video recording and fluent video streaming services on different fleet management platforms as end-to-end solution.



However, there are still many customers cannot use video telematics correctly. Actually, most of the customers still do not know how to use video “correctly”. In fact, nearly 95% of the videos in the daily operation is kind of “Waste”. HOWEN VSS system provides “Alert-based” video streaming and video recording, by connecting different sensors, it can record or stream videos when the sensors are triggered. These key videos would be the most important element in the investigation of accidents, driving behavior analysis, dispatching and responses from control centers.



Further, HOWEN is focusing on developing cohesive ecosystem in video telematics with different kind of famous software partners. Therefore, different kind of accessories have been integrated in HOWEN mobile DVR systems like fuel sensors, lock sensors, RFID, iButtons, combining as “All-in-one” solution. It is fully working on FMS. Further details please check with Howen Technologies team.