EXPOSEC 2018 - Brazil Safety Carnival

EXPOSEC show Howen Technologies

EXPOSEC, is the largest Brazilian security event in this year. Over 45,000 exhibition visitors came to this show. As it is one of the main event and technology showcase of Latin America for the security sector, more than 800 companies showed their latest technologies and products. Visitors are very impressed the Vehicle Service System from HOWEN Technologies.

In May of this year, it is first time that HOWEN take part in the important security event in Brazil, EXPOSEC 2018. HOWEN achieved great success during this show as the team showed the latest technologies for fleet management including the professional vehicle mobile DVRs, Mobile Data Terminal, vehicle cameras and other accessories. Further, HOWEN shows the system integrated with the artificial intelligence analysis such as fatigue driving detection, face recognition, people counting, etc. Visitors were pretty impressed and asked for demos.

Fatigue driving detection

At least 95% of people have been to our booth and showed great interests in HOWEN Vehicle Service Solution. The most burning issue of the region are vehicle thefts and bad driving behavior control. The main reasons that the GPS tracking cannot be satisfied by the number of operation or management for the fleets as they needs high-definition video services. Further, the pricing of fuel and petrol keeps increasing dramatically in these years. Therefore, cutting down the costs of operation plays a key role in fleet management. As HOWEN VSS can provide an efficient way to save the petrol when vehicles operating, and have number of accessories to avoid wastes in the daily operation of fleets.


In the end, we do believe that HOWEN will be one of the leading solution provider in Brazil vehicle fleet management solution in the near future.