Fatigue Driving Sensor Released


Fatigue Driving Sensor


The use of Fatigue Driving Sensor technology is ideal to improve the welfare of society and corporate profitability. For that, we bring our customers the possibility to make your vehicle amuch safer and profitable place.      

Falling asleep at the wheel is one of the main causes of traffic accidents, mainly on the route.

What is fatigue when driving?

When the driver drives long periods, especially if the body did not have enough rest before embarking on the trip, the effect begins to lose concentration, leading to the onset of drowsiness. At first, the driver may close his eyes for short intervals, until sleep wins altogether. Fatigue while driving can be caused by: drive long distances without stopping to rest, driving at night, after lunch, or times when your body wants to sleep, driving alone, driving on long, straight roads, frequently travel or a change in work shifts.


Fatigue Driving Sensor Benefits

Our Fatigue Driving Sensor is able to recognize when the driver begins to show the first signs of fatigue at the wheel. The high definition infrared camera which has the device recognizes the driver's face and detects micro eye closures, indicating that sleep is beginning to act. The sensor works perfectly in darkness and recognizes the eyes through dark glasses.

Fatigue Driving Sensor Features and functions

 ·Driving behavior warning function

 ·Adaptable adjustment of sensitivity

 ·Detects eyes, even through sunglasses.

 ·Adjust the detection levels.

 ·It is small, compact and aesthetic.

 ·Analog image output

 ·Driver features self-calibration

 ·It consumes little power.

 ·Warming image can be stored in local

 ·Compatible with MDVR (Mobile DVR) video surveillance devices.


Fatigue Driving Sensor installation

Installation is very simple, Fatigue Driving Sensor can work like standalone unit with central management.

Fatigue Driving Sensor Applications

 ·Passenger transportation.

 ·Freight trucks.

 ·Freight in smaller vehicles.

 ·Machine operation in the field of mining, oil, agriculture, etc.

 ·Emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire, police, etc.

 ·Maritime sector.

 ·Private vehicles.