How To Choose Dash Camera Between Mobile Data Terminal For Vehicles

How to Choose Dash Camera between Mobile Data Terminal for Vehicles?

[Shenzhen, 31st July, 2017] 


Nowadays, Mobile Data Terminal becomes more and more popular in vehicle business and it comes up one question: What is the difference between Mobile Data Terminal and Dash Camera? Why we could not use the dash camera instead of MDT?


In fact, you can find the answers when you look into the specifications. The dash cameras we can buy in the market are designed for commercial vehicle usage. Usually dash cameras can only support only one camera for storage. Some high-end dash camera models have built-in map for navigation while most of dash camera just support video recording only. Further, the dash cameras usually do not have any operation system since they have not got CPU or powerful chipsets for heavy calculation. Since it has dash cameras are designed in small housing so that it can fit in private cars. It has built-in camera and cannot support external cameras. Therefore customers have no choices for cameras even some of cameras can not suitable for vehicles. The limited space of dash cameras also restricts the cameras’ functions.



Extension ports of MDT

On the other hand, Mobile Data Terminals are designed for vehicle business so it will be integrated with Android OS 4.2 or 5.1, which companies can install different kinds of APP for their business usage. Moreover, MDT can support rich application since it has extension ports and powerful CPU. For example, Howen MDT can support two HD cameras input, RS232, RS485, I/O inputs and outputs for various vehicle business such as taxi business, trucks, logistics, buses etc. Additionally, Howen MDT can support up to 128GB while most of dash cameras only support 32GB for storage because they are just for video recording. Last but not least, Mobile Data Terminal is rugged design with mechanical components, which can work properly in various environments (from 20-70). 


In conclusion, dash camera and mobile data terminal are two different products for vehicles. For commercial vehicle or private cars, dash cameras may be a good option. When comes to vehicle business for heavy usages and software/FMS needs, mobile data terminal is the best choice.   



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