How To Install A Howen Mobile DVR?

How to install a Howen mobile DVR?



Nowadays, mobile DVR places  a key role of commercial vehicle service system since it provides professional video protection for fleet operations. However, some people may mention this kind of system is complicated and not easy to install as other system like dash cameras. Actually, the answer is “no”.  Let us learn how to install HOWEN mobile DVR system!

MDVR Installation_副本


●Electric Drills

●3M Tapes

●Electricity Meter

●Screw Driver

●Diagonal Pliers

●HOWEN Mobile DVR & Cameras




After preparing the materials and tools of installation, fist step is to find out the fuse box. Next we need to find out the powering connection for positive and ACC connection point (please refer to installation manual from Howen). Then connect the cables to the power cable of mobile DVR. On the other hand,  connect the cameras and antennas and check all the configurations have been set.

Lastly, check the platform with Howen mobile DVR if the devices have built-in modules and  licenses of  software platforms. For more details of installation please go to our YouTube channel,