Howen Break Through Romania VSS Market

Howen Break Through Romania VSS Market

[Shenzhen, China, Feb 3, 2016]

Howen VSS (Vehicle Security System) system was recently deployed in Bucharest of Romania, which is a remarkable market breakthrough in this area. 


Howen Technologies, leading VSS supplier and solution provider, has deployed its VSS system and products for public buses around the world. East Europe has its unique requirements for vehicle security solution, while Howen’s professional team make it possible to offer the most suitable solution. Howen’s Mobile Data Terminal was recently deployed in another East Europe country, Bulgaria, serving for the intelligent public transportation system in Sophia. Now. Romania’s capital is also demanding for reliable system and solution for their public buses. 

Howen proposed its bestselling mobile DVR and latest CMS software. As usual, Howen provided fast response to customer’s requirement, and offered guidance on installation and server deployment for customers. Moreover, the open interface of proposed MDVR and upgrading CMS enable the solution quite future proof, with expandable features both in hardware and software.