Howen MDVR System Were Deployed For Mining Truck In Laos

  [Shenzhen, China, Dec. 9, 2016]

Howen’s Mobile DVR system recently were deployed in Laos Mining Trucks to provide video surveillance and management service.


Howen MDVR Solution & Support

In the project in Laos, client required high definition reliable MDVR and Camera to offer surveillance and management on their hundreds of Mining trucks, which work for almost 7x24 hours. MDVR shall be suitably operating in harsh environment: long time working, severe vibration, weak and strong light environment etc.,

After well learning client’s requirement, Howen team worked out suitable solution by deploying High Definition AHD Mobile DVR (MD31-04 with GPS location tracking and Wireless transmission), AHD cameras ( Hero-C60S0V3-1MR front view vehicle camera, and Hero-C60S0V9-1MR inside view vehicle camera) and customized protection box. With power central management software to provide live view or remote control, GPS location tracking, alarm management and so on.

With professional and efficient support, client had a fast understanding and operation on the MDVR system, and after testing several brands of mobile DVR, client was impressed with good performance of Howen Mobile DVR solution, power CMS features etc., finally conquered by Howen solution.

About Howen VSS (Vehicle service system):


As the leading supplier of vehicle service system, Howen offers total solutions including mobile DVR system for vehicle surveillance system and video management system, MDT system for fleet management and dispatch service, and WIFI router system for vehicle internet service. Thanks to the high quality assurance, professional solution experience and quick-response technical supports, Howen won one battle after another among harsh competitions, its vehicle service system has been widely deployed across the globe, including Middle East, Australian, North America, Europe, Africa, etc.