Howen Oil Truck VSS Working In Africa

Howen Oil Truck VSS Working in Africa


As Howen Oil Truck VSS is one of the key solution of HOWEN VSS®, over 2000 Howen systems have been widely used in east Africa, such as Cameroon, Tchad, Ethiopia, Uganda, Madagascar etc. With decent quality and professional services, Howen mobile DVRs and cameras are extraordinarily outstanding in Oil truck business. Howen MDVR can work in up to 70 as it has been precisely tested in different organizations. They have passed CE, FCC and EMARK, which proves all the products from HOWEN Technologies can handle various projects, even some complex programs. 


Besides, with 2.1mm wide-angle lens, Howen AHD Vehicle cameras provides wide-viewing and full HD recording for system no matter inside or outside the trucks as Howen has got waterproof standard cameras and vandal proof cameras with IK10* rating, even explosion-proof cameras etc. Moreover, Howen can provide different kinds of housings in order to fit all the sizes of vehicles.

For software, Howen Technologies helped partners integrate a customized function, such as remote mirror recording in server when MDVR online, and shutdown camera live view and recording when vehicle enter sensitive areas (GEO fencing areas). This function is really useful and secured, as some of the location is private area, not allow to being recorded.


Last but not least, Howen Technologies supports many advanced services except manufacturing and sales, such as hardware customizations, software customizations, remote technical supports and so on. In one word, Howen VSS is the best and most professional choice for vehicle business! 



       Leading supplier and total solution  provider for VSS (Vehicle Security System) in China, dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of VSS, Vehicle Service System, (CMS, mobile DVR, MDT, vehicle camera) and Vehicle Surveillance related products.

       With good reputation of high quality, cost-effectiveness, tailor-made service and professional support, HOWEN's products and systems have been widely applied in many industries like Hotel, Education, Hospital, Police cars, Public Transportation, Logistics, School bus, Taxi, and Oil truck business in more than 60 countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Russia, India, Nigeria, U.A.E, Chile, Singapore and Qatar etc.




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