Howen People Counting System For Bus

Howen’s People Counting Solution, including people counting cameras and mobile digital video recorder, suitable for all types of buses.People Counting System

System Diagram of Howen People Counting Solution for Buses

 Integration of Mobile DVR and people counting camera.

 MDVR shares 3G/4G for people counting info transmission

 High accuracy for people counting

 Generate people counting report

 Info interaction between people counting and video recording

Bus people Counting system

People Counting Camera

   Installed in the top of front door and back door, capture the people

   High accuracy of people counting

   Built in Dual lens camera system specially designed for people counting

   IR LED illustration, adapt to different light environment

Howen AHD HDD Mobile DVR

Mobile Digital Video Recorder

   8 channel AHD camera, Support IPC

   2TB HDD/SSD storage

   Howen Next-generation CMS

   Zero video transmission delay

   Fastest Wi-Fi for auto uploading/backup