Howen Release Industry Leading Vehicle Wi-Fi Router

Howen Release Industry Leading Vehicle Wi-Fi Router

[Shenzhen, China, April 20, 2016]

Howen Technologies, the leading VSS system supplier and solution provider, today release to industry leading vehicle Wi-Fi router, HW-WR1642, which is specially designed for vehicles application, to fulfill increasing demand of Internet access and value improvement.

“WR1642 adopts selected 4G and Wi-Fi chipsets, the most front-edge router technology and plenty of software innovations, including the powerful and future-proof cloud platform software.” Howen R&D Director George said of their new product with proud.

Powerful and Efficient Backend platform

Howen provide one of the most powerful backend platform software in industry, to remotely manage the front-end routers. Tens of thousands of devices can be easily configured.

Stable and Flexible Wi-Fi Access for Internet 

Support 50+ people Wi-Fi connection simultaneously. Support Pad, smart phone, notebook, MDVR, multi-media screen, etc. 2.4GHz or high speed 5GHz are optional.

Large Local Storage

Support SSD for large capacity of local storage: provide high-speed access for local video, music, games, tourism guidance, news, etc. And support 3G/4G and Wi-Fi for wireless content updating. When use Wi-Fi, will greatly save 3G/4G traffic.

Efficient Value-Added Service

Operators can cooperate with local shoppers, companies, to provide ads, in local storage or remote push, to efficient target people, improving company images and earing profit.

“This new generation Wi-Fi router has realized many important improvements, comparing with the previous economical version HW1600 series, which has already been deployed across the world,” Said Leon, VSS Product Director of Howen, “So this releasing will complete Howen’s full-range router product line and end-to-end Wi-Fi solution. Moreover, it can perfectly work with Howen VSS system, so that greatly enhance Howen’s fleet management solution and provide value-added service as well.”