Howen Releases New 8-Channel AHD HDD Mobile DVR

            Howen Releases New 8-Channel AHD HDD Mobile DVR



The high-end model of Howen mobile DVR, Hero-ME31-08, is now available for latest Howen VSS (Vehicle Service System). It has powerful Hisilicon chipset which can support 8 channels AHD video inputs up to 1080p. Further, this model can support up to 2TB HDD for video recording with latest HDD anti-vibration technologies© in military standard. “Plug and Play” HDD function© has been applied for Hero-ME31-08, which users can easily take out the HDD in daily operation without any screwing.


Besides, serial extension function is one of the key functions in Howen mobile DVR. It can support 3 channels of RS232, 1 channel RS485, 8 alarm inputs, 2 alarm outputs, video output, audio output and power output. Therefore, Hero-ME31-08 can fulfill various vehicle business (taxi, school bus) including some industrial level vehicles like oil trucks, police cars, mining trucks.


On the other hand, Howen mobile DVR can be used with different kinds of Howen vehicle cameras depends on the usages of business (for more details please check Howen websites or contact with Howen Technologies). Last but not least, the latest VSS CMS (Central Management Software) is available for 

Hero-ME31-08, which provides professional vehicle fleet management supports for operators. (Product Specs: )


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