HOWEN Vehicle Service System (VSS) is a system which designed for commercial vehicles including surveillance, alarm system, GPS tracking and other vehicle business services. VSS Central Management System (CMS) is the latest software for fleet management, which includes client in PC (Windows), web page version and APP version.

vehicle surveillance software tracking


With years’ experience in commercial vehicle service system projects, HOWEN Technologies has successfully generated a brand-new version of Central Management Software for VSS, VSS CMS. It has integrated many vehicles tracking and monitoring functions based on feedback from thousands of end-users and managers all over the world. Finally, in November 2017, HOWEN VSS CMS has been officially released and starts serving for customers.

HD vehicle Online monitoring

Alarm Push Notification

At the corner of VSS CMS, there is “Alarm Push”. It is able to help operators check live alarm information directly for quick actions, especially for the emergency. After getting alarm module by clicking the alarm icon, there will be a list of vehicles which has been triggered alarms.

Further, alarms can be divided into different types, such as vehicles, alarm information or other accessory sensors.

Vehicle Alarm notification


Beside the “Alarm Push” icon, there is a config button on the right. It will come up a window after clicking this button shown as the picture below. In this section, users can change system language, theme, default stream, max window, map, speed unit, path of storage. 

vehicle surveillance setting

Besides the normal settings, users can also set up GPS update period, remember last location of usage, auto zooming, auto loading, auto locating etc. extended functions. What is more, VSS CMS can do remote fleet configuration function (next version coming soon). It will help fleet management become more efficient.

VSS CMS Live Services

GPS tracking playback

HOWEN VSS CMS provides professional live surveillance service for managers or operators. Users can choose main streaming or sub streaming for vehicle monitoring depends on the resolutions and Internet speed. Usually sub streaming real-time monitoring is suggested when the devices are connected with 3G/4G network.

Quick Snapshot” is one of convenient function that HOWEN specifically designed for users as managers usually need to do snapshotting the pictures directly without going to “playback”. Further, once users clicked the “snapshot”, the picture of selected channel will be popped up automatically and stored in the file set up in the configuration of VSS CMS. The path will be shown up and the name will be record by the date.

Further, users can choose map mode for GPS tracking instead videos, which can save a lot data transmission. In the map mode, number of user-friendly buttons developed by Howen Technologies, such as choose showing vehicles in satellite map or normal map, showing the vehicle clusters etc.

VSS CMS Playback Function

Full HD playback with mobile DVR

Besides, for the payback function, operators can choose “server” or “local” to search the playback that devices stored. Further, all the GPS information, alarm reporting information and vehicle information can be checked in this module. In this module, this function can play the route which the vehicle has been driven. Operator can do play/pause/frame playing functions same as the normal players in the. Besides, the player in HOWEN VSS CMS can do multi-channel playback, which helps managers check more information in limited time.

VSS CMS Fleet Management Function

Vehicle Information List

In this module, HOWEN VSS CMS provides many sheets for recording the information or data of the vehicles in the server. As you can see in above picture, all the information of vehicle can be checked, which help operators contact them once they have emergency. Moreover, since VSS CMS can support two-way audio and PTZ control remotely, managers can check the information remotely and confirm everything is fine or not. It can save much time and expenses since it does not need to go to the places where the vehicles are.

Professional report for vehicle analysis

Vehicle Status Function

On the other hand, a great number of vehicle business reports are supported in this module, such as fuel sensor report, driver information report, driving behavior analysis reports, I/O reports etc. In this module, administrator also can set up different “rule” for information reporting, like “Geo Fence” function. For more information please contact with HOWEN Technologies.

Moreover, Howen VSS CMS has full range of vehicle reports for manager to check, such as Oil/Fuel Reports, Driving Behavior Analysis Reports, Alarm Reports and I/O Reports. In these reports, users can select the vehicles which want to be checked and it can export detailed diagrams for managers to analyze.

Howen Fuel Sensor Report

In the Server Module of VSS CMS, users can do different configurations for various types of servers like user server, download servers etc. Users can configure the rules for fleet management. Besides, users can input IP addresses, ports and set up other download servers based on users’ operation.


Server Configuration for integration


As HOWEN VSS supports HOWEN latest protocol, so it supports devices connect different servers or platforms easily. In the CMS, managers can do different settings and check all the information in CMS platform, which make everything become clear and easy.

Files Download Function

Last but not least, HOWEN VSS CMS supports one of key functions, downloading function. It can fulfill all the requirements of video, GPS, alarm information download. Users can set up the plan to download the information and the path to download. For more details please check in the user manual of VSS CMS.

Auto-download function is supported in VSS CMS. Videos and images can be download automatically from selected fleets, vehicles or channels in certain period (hours, days, months). Furthermore, users can make a schedule for auto-download videos. 

What is more

In HOWEN VSS, Howen does not supply VSS CMS client based on windows only. There are Web version CMS and APP. APPs can be downloaded in Google Store or App Store. For Web CMS, The access method is:

Open the website browser;

  1. Type the address of the server IP and the port number administrator set, example:

  2. (port 8080)

It will connect to the login page, then enter the account and password in the page. After typing the account and password, it will login to the website version CMS and users can do different work on fleet management.

Google APP APPLE App and web version vehicle central management surveillance software

*In the end, there would be more and more functions will come up in HOWEN VSS CMS, especially AI analysis. Please keep noticing Howen Newsletters.