HOWEN VSS Helped Russian Public Bus Company Solved Theft Case

[Perm, Russia, 1st June, 2017]         (Keywords: Bus CCTV, MDVR, Surveillance, Public Bus)


Howen was glad to receive a commendation letter from a Russian public bus company because they successfully solved a theft case by using HOWEN VSS (AHD Mobile DVR with 720P HD cameras). Last year, this company installed HOWEN VSS public solution and started using HOWEN CMS as major controlling system. By precise location report and clear real-time monitoring, the local police station was enable to figure the thief’s face and found out his behaviors, which helped them find out the clues of solving this case. Moreover, this video recording has been stored as the evidence of this case. 

Public bus surveillance solution .jpg

Besides, HOWEN VSS for public bus extended features can cut down the costs of bus companies’ daily operations:

1.       People counting system (avoid over-load, analyzing number of customers);

2.       Fatigue Driving Detector (analyzing drivers’ behaviors and avoid fatigue driving cases);

3.       Door Sensor (avoid hurting customers by bus doors);

4.       Panic Button (for urgent cases);

5.       G-sensor (for driver behaviors checking);

6.       RFID for driver (Attendance usage etc.);

7.       Fingerprint devices

Commendation Letter from Customer

Public Bus Customer Commendation.jpg



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