Howen VSS Helps Intercity Bus Companies Achieve More Values In Chile

Howen VSS Helps Intercity Bus Companies Achieve More Values in Chile

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As the number of bus accidents increases dramatically these years, more and more people concern about fatigue driving issues since it is the major problem causing accidents. In 2017, Howen fatigue driving detector has been released and they are very popular in coach business. This year, HOWEN VSS solution for coach has been tested successfully in Chile and received some positive feedbacks after installation. In this project, fatigue driving detectors from HOWEN plays a key role in HOWEN coach solution except monitoring.


By using Howen fatigue driving detectors, coach drivers will be reminded by fatigue driving detector. Howen fatigue driving detector can distinguish whether the drivers are closing their eyes too long base on speed analysis, Yawn, making phone call, smoking. It will send voice and sound reminders once drivers have the above behavior. Further, Howen fatigue driving detector has been integrated to our MDVR, which will be able to trigger recording and transmit the fatigue driving alarm message to Howen CMS in center server. Therefore, the managers can check the driving behaviors of staff, which helps them investigate the reasons of accidents if possible.



 Last but least, Howen fatigue driving detector is light and small which does not affect drivers’ daily driving. Cooperating with Howen MDVR and Howen AHD HD cameras, and Howen 7-inch monitor, drivers are confident to do best services for customers and business.