HOWEN VSS Provided Surveillance Services For Trailers In USA Airport

outdoor AHD vehicle camera

Last month, hundreds of trailers of airports in USA has been installed with HOWEN VSS™. Since all the facilities in US airports need to be monitored, the trailers are one of the key parts in the airport information. By integrating HOWEN VSS into the trailers, managers can check if there is potential risk happened in the operation. On the other hand, FHD videos recording can be reference in the future investigations. 

As HOWEN Mobile DVR can fulfill Military and anti-vibration standards in different tests, it can be used for various vehicles surveillance systems including some special purpose vehicles, like ambulance, trailers, firefighting trucks, police cars etc.

AHD HDD mobile DVR monitor

In this system, HOWEN rear-view cameras and dual-lens cameras (provide external and internal recording) have been used in VSS. Therefore, near 360-degree viewing, without any blindpoint. 

Last but not least, operators can use HOWEN VSS CMS in the control centers which can provide professional fleet management services including live monitoring, playback, recording, driving behavior analysis, two-way audio etc. For more details please refer to or contact