Howen VSS Solution Was Successfully Applied In Oman School Bus Program

[Oman, 10th May, 2017]

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In May 2017, Howen VSS (Vehicle Surveillance System) solution has been approved in Oman School Bus Project because of its high-standard quality and powerful functions. HOWEN school bus VSS solutions have been widely used different countries before but this is the first case in Oman. 

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Feedbacks about HOWEN School Bus Solution


Besides, HOWEN solution has been reported by the local media and it was praised by schools and parents of the students.


“HOWEN VSS solution provide a very useful platform and tools for us to know the situation of school bus anytime. We can check the real-time information by HOWEN HD cameras and MDVR, and locations of the school buses are updated every 10 seconds so that everything is controllable. Further, the we installed the fatigue driving detectors to make sure every driver’ conditions are good enough to schools.”—Said by the president of the school.


“In the past, we always worried about our children on the way to school even though sometimes we sent them to the school buses. Thanks to HOWEN VSS solution for school buses, we can check detailed information through APP and we can do real-time monitoring to our kids and make sure everything is okay. It saves us much time as we do not have to call the teachers or staff to confirm if our children get to school safely. Now we don’t have to send my children to school by my self as I can check directly if they use their student cards connect to school buses.”Some parents told to the local media.


“HOWEN VSS solution is a great development and milestone comparing to traditional school bus solutions. It saves much money and time for schools. Furthermore, it avoids different kinds of accidents in various situations. This smart vehicle solutions benefits not only to business but also to the whole society.” – Local Reporter Said.  

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