Mexico Public Bus Security Solution



    According to research shows that Mexico Local Public buses exist in every city and town. They are not regulated from a safety point of view, so it’s hard to see any signs restricting passenger numbers on them. Buses carry as many people as can be packed in—especially at rush hour.

    Vehicle security system of public passenger transport has become a major challenge faced by the Mexican capital, one of the most traffic-congested cities in the world, if it wants to guarantee people the right to mobility. 

    As we Know, The Mexico City Transportation system including Public Bus , Metrobus etc. And the Government pays more attention to Transportation system security ; has promulgated the law that public bus need installation Mobile DVR in 2014 .


  What is People Counting?

How to realize Bus passenger counting solution?




Howen provide total surveillance solution about Mexico public Bus , it can use  8 channel 1080P Hard disk Mobile DVR , dual lens people counting camera , Howen powerful VSS CMS , RFID system for bus etc, can realize bus passenger counting , data analyzed ( Like GPS Data , passenger data, station data , Time data )

, bus monitoring and surveillance video management .