New Version MDT Released


Hero-MDT-AT2 (Howen bestselling Android MDT) has been widely used in many projects. This month, Howen announces the releasing of new version AT2 (2016 Version), with many innovative improvements and technical breakthroughs, offering a total new experience for vehicle intelligent application.

Capacitive Touch Control Screen

Brand New Capacitive touch control screen is adopted, with 7-inch 1024*600 resolution, 1.5 times of ppi than last generation, and much faster touch control. Multi-point touch will never be a problem again, enabling easy pinch to zoom-in and zoom out in digital maps

*Resistance screen type is still available, to provide you with consistent experience.

Selected Huaiwei 3G/4G module

With selected Huaiwei 3G/LTE module, new AT2 will bring the best experience for wireless transmission.

And new AT2 supports two SIM cards (*default with one slot), with auto-switch function.

Two-axis holder for pan/tilt installation

Two-axis pan/tilt mounting holder helps installers and users to easily get the best viewing angel in first time installation and also in routine operation.

Enhanced OS Reliability

Howen upgraded the Operation System, with dozens of improvements, including bottom and operation details. So, the new AT2 armed with new OS, is born with higher reliability and smoothness as well.

Bluetooth for voice call

Newly designed mechanical structu

OTG micro USB port for USB Accessories, etc.

Howen MDT Application for Taxi