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internet of vehicle

This year, the dream of HOWEN, “Enrich people’s car life”, has come true since the best and most intelligent ever platform has been official released, LYNX™. It is a great milestone of HOWEN Technologies and the history of fleet management operation. HOWEN FMS™ leads a significant revolution of “Internet of Vehicle” which is one of the pioneers use “AI” into fleet management platform.

With years’ innovation on fleet management, HOWEN successfully releases the latest platforms with HOWEN’s Software Partner, which is one of TOP 100 START-UPS BY FORBES.

It is one of the leading company which focusing on integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into mobility space. 

As HOWEN Specializes in creating fleet efficiency, optimizing resources and reducing fleet operation costs, number of featured functions have been deployed into this platform. For the basic functions, HOWEN FMS™ delivers FHD resolution video streaming and recording of alerts/events, which provide clear evidences for operators’ investigation. Moreover, this platform is specifically designed for taxi, logistics and cash van business. It has built-in professional reports so that managers or operators can do a great number of actions based on the reports such as send messages, fines, video streaming etc.

face recognition

The most significant and outstanding feature is that HOWEN FMS™ uses “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” and “Machine Learning” into fleet management software. With deep learning based video analytics detecting, this platform can detect driver fatigue, tailgating and cargo/passenger counting functions. As software can detect every single detail and movement of face, the percentage of accuracy can reach more than 97%. Further, there is learning engine integrated in the platform which can adjust the analysis base on the different scenarios. It this way, HOWEN FMS™ can learn how to improve the accuracy based on increasing database.

For LYNX™, it can do different optimizations based on fleet analysis and machine learning. The main features are shown as below:

For more information please check with HOWEN TECHNOLOGIES and request a Demo for understanding more details. 

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