Taxi Revolution - Dubai Limousine With Howen Mobile Data Terminal

Taxi Revolution - Dubai Limousine With Howen Mobile Data Terminal

[Dubai, 14th July, 2017] 


Nowadays, taxi business has been changed dramatically as many new technologies has been developed, such as on-line taxi booking, taxi dispatch, navigation etc. In Dubai, Taxi business is one of the pioneer which using latest technologies into taxi business. Howen latest Mobile Data Terminal, Hero-MDT-AT5, is now serving for customers in Dubai Limousine Business, which is one of the most luxury taxi business. Dubai Limousine is the line providing high-level customer experience mainly for VIP customers in shopping malls, hotels, and some private areas.

Since Howen Mobile Data Terminal has excellent quality and reliable stabilities, Dubai Limousine chose Howen MDT as the only one choice for dispatching device. Howen MDT has full qualifications and passed a series of tests like high temperature testing. Besides, rugged designed covered by luxury MDT leather cover impressed customers and drivers a lot.

Limousine Car1_副本.jpg

Furthermore, Howen Technologies has done many customizations for this projects. For example, Howen helped customers connecting the seat sensors in limousines so that system can detect where customers sitting. On the other hand, since Hero-MDT-AT5 is using U-blox 7 as the GPS module for locating which it can provide accurate locations. In this way, the taxi fares will be calculated by GPS locations. Therefore, the taxi fare would be more reasonable and accurate comparing to using traditional taximeters.


Last but not least, customers are able to integrate their own APP since Howen Mobile Data Terminal is developed based on Android OS. Therefore, clients can customized the functions of MDT considering the clients’ applications. If you looking for solutions for improving your taxi business, please do hesitate to contact with Howen Technologies.





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