Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor For Howen ME MDVR

Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor for ME MDVR


Model: Hero-ME-UFS05


Ultrasonic fuel level sensor is a vehicle fuel monitoring device which is designed for the fuel management needs of company fleet. This sensor can be used to prevent the driver to steal fuel, optimizing the operating costs, optimizing the driver’s driving behavior and auxiliary statistical decision, etc. The sensor is equipped with a high precision ultrasonic probe, which can detect the fuel quantity in the fuel tank. Fuel quantity data will be sent to the server via GPS trackerthen generate the data report. Sensor support for serial output, so, it can easily docking with other system. 



u  Easy installation;

u  RS232/RS485 port connection;

u  IP66 standard;

u  Low power consumption;

u  Millimeter in valuation;

u  High Accuracy; 

Hero-ME-UFS05, is one of the most popular device for Howen Oil Truck VSS since it can detect the fuel accruatly which help managers save costs in the daily operation. Further, all the information detected from Howen ultrasonic fuel sensor will be sent to the reports in Howen CMS. For more information please check with staff of Howen Technologies or in the Howen VSS website.