Howen VSS Solution for Taxi


Market Demand

                                                                -High rate of traffic accidents;

                                                                -Increasing operation costs;

                                                                -Taxi drivers detour or over charging;

                                                                -Fatigue driving and drunk driving;

                                                                -Robbery and fraud;

                                                                -Surf Internet in vehicle;

                                                                -Quick dispatching;

                                                                -Clear evidence for dispute and vehicle insurance;


Since the market demands of taxi business have been changed, Howen VSS plays a key role in the Taxi business operation nowadays. Howen Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), is the key part in Howen VSS solution for taxi. It is an vehicle device based on Android OS, with 3G/4G/WIFI and GPS modules. Moreover, Howen MDT has rich extensions specificly for taxi usages such as alarm functions, RFID, GPS tracking, navigation, roof lights controlling, POS etc. 

As Howen MDT is based on Android OS, it can accept thir-party APP for taxi dispatching, sensors connectings and alarm functions, which help operators mange their fleets easily in the control room. On the other hand, Howen Mobile Data Terminal can support up to 2 channels HD cameras' recording and monitoring, which ensure drivers working perfect protections.

Last but not least, Howen MDT has many customized functions for various taxi business in order to fulfill different kinds of demands. For more information please contact to our company in the website.




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